F21 red among the new budget options at South Bay Pavilion

By Cindy Venegas

Staff Writer

South Bay Pavilion, which is only a mile and a half from Cal State Dominguez Hills, will open one of the most anticipated stores for young-adult shoppers on April 28.

F21 red, the new Forever 21 offshoot, includes men, women and girls’ clothing along with plus-sizes for a more economic price. The store competes with fast-fashion retailer H&M and other bargain retailers.

“I’m excited for F21 red to be by our school,” Trish Aballe, 24, a public relations major, said. “It will be convenient for students to drive down the street and have a mini-retail therapy and it helps that F21 red is affordable; perfect for college students.”

Over the past two years, the 73-acre shopping center in Carson has been under renovation, adding a Cinemark movie theater and many popular restaurant options, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera Bread, Five Guys and Pieology. The mall is making its appearance and stores more appealing for students and surrounding residents.

As a result for CSUDH students who were unaware, you can now take a break from the limited school menu and head down Avalon for a variety of food and shopping options.

While many students are anticipating the opening of F21, there are a few on the other hand who do not look forward to it as much.

“I don’t think that I would necessarily shop there,” Jessica Ramirez, 24, a public relations and advertising major, said. “I feel like Forever 21 product is low-quality, as it is.”



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