Take a spin on Record Store Day

By Tyler Shultz

Staff Writer

Over the past few years, vinyl is making its way back into the homes of music lovers, whether it’s because it’s the cool thing to do, or because it just flat out sounds better.

But in a time where most people order everything online, and music is mostly digital, people don’t run to buy records anymore.

Music fans miss out on what makes owning music a truly remarkable sensation, and that is what Record Store Day looks to change.

According to the official website, the first Record Store Day was in 2007 and is an annual event by independent record stores, celebrated on April 22.

Record Store Day aims to help support independent record stores instead of people who are just into reselling. Resellers are the main reason why I will never own a copy of the first pressing of “Ex-military” by Death Grips (because I don’t have $200 to spend on one record).

Record Store Day is about bringing together fans and artists and appreciating the impact record stores have on the community. Plenty of artists have come out in support of Record Store Day, including ambassadors like Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Chuck D of Public Enemy.

One of the coolest parts about Record Store Day is everything is a limited release, often on special-edition vinyl. Some records come on different colors, like purple or clear, and others are pressed on vinyl of various shapes. The 1980s song “Africa” by Toto is being re-released as a single on vinyl shaped like Africa itself.

There is no better feeling than actually holding an album by one of your favorite artists and saying that you “own” their record album.

So go out to your local record store and buy a record and spend some time with other people who really appreciate music.

I’ll see you at Long Beach’s Fingerprints, where I’ll be out grabbing the “Space Jam” soundtrack and “Bangerz” by Miley Cyrus.

For more information and a list of releases, head over to http://www.reecordstoreday.com


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