Scavenger hunt educates students on campus facilities

By Jacqueline Resendiz Morales
Staff Writer

Fall semester has started, and it’s back to working, attending classes, commuting or dorming.
In order to encourage students to seek information and explore the Locker Student Union, a scavenger hunt was organized by its facilitators in which students were encouraged to solve puzzles throughout 14 stations. After solving each puzzle, students were given one of 14 collectable pins. After completing the 14 forms, students entered a raffle with a variety of prizes.
One of the stations was the Information Center.
Sergio Sauceda, a current information desk receptionist, said the Information Center offers students a friendly customer service, a place where they can print (15 cents per page) and a place where they can look for their lost items.
The Locker Student Union, Career Center and other organizations gave students more information on what services and activities that will be available during the Fall.
One of the many facilities that offers services to students is the Women’s Resource Center, located at the Small College Complex 148.
The Women’s Resource Center, shown by Deja Maduro, offers a calm place for mothers to lactate, a quiet place for students to take a nap or study.
It also offers different workshops for students, such as, “Let’s Talk Relationships.”
Maria Rojas and Beatriz Lopez learned about the scavenger hunt and said they would like to take part in the scavenger hunt to learn more about the Locker Student Union and what it has to offer.


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