Where students unwind and relax their mind

By Jesse Garcia
Staff Writer

Most college campuses revolve around studying, tests and quizzes. But for some of those looking to relax and unwind, there’s also another part of college life: drinking. And at CSUDH, the place for that is the DH Sports Lounge.

It has its flaws, such as the very limited seating and uncomfortable chairs, but, hey, who doesn’t have flaws? It might look better in low light, but, then again, who doesn’t? And when you just need a nice cold beer to blow off the stress of that deathly pop quiz, the pub is there to tend to you.

With everything the pub offers, it still has its fair share of restrictions. For instance, it only has a beer and wine license. Though, this doesn’t stop them for serving you up a nice cold margarita. How?

Ivan Zorotovich,24, DH Sports Lounge bartender gave us the inside scoop.


Founder’s Breakfast Stout is one of the eight tap beers offered at the pub.


“All the cocktails we serve from margaritas to mai tai’s are wine based cocktails meant to taste like the actual drink,” said Zorotovich.

Everyone is welcome at the pub, and it offers a range of food options that, to these sensibilities at least, are more diverse and flavorful than in the food court. But if you want to drink then you must show your ID, even if you’re a regular. Additionally, don’t forget to tip your bartender, as they are hindered when it comes to tips.

“Our tips are far below average when compared to outside bars,” said Zorotovich. “It probably has to do with the fact we don’t have a full bar.”

Two years ago, the bar had record numbers due to the amount of incoming transfers, Zorotovich said. But this last year has slowed down due to the lack incoming students, he said.


The atmosphere of the pub is warm and the students that fill its seats love it. Although, the pub sits in a small little corner on the west walkway, when game day comes around it rightfully lives up to its name.

“During the World Series we had about 100 heads in this space,” said Zorotovich. “We have a small capacity and it does get crowded, but we welcome any business available.”

Photos by Kyle Umeda.


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