Our campus made national “news” a few weeks ago. But if you’re not a follower of, Accuracy in Academia, Campus Reform or Fox 11, you probably missed it. But don’t worry: you didn’t miss anything important. Because it wasn’t even close to being real news. It was a report, spread by those outlets, used to publicly shame and digitally flame a CSUDH professor for … Continue reading STAFF EDITORIAL: FAKE NEWS

Title IX officer fights discrimination while advocating for inclusivity

By Julissa James

Staff Writer

Photo Credit Zak Hailey 

Late last year, Elizabeth Schrock was hired as Cal State Dominguez Hills’ Title IX officer.

     In her position, Schrock helps to uphold the 1972 federal law that prohibits discrimination, violence or harassment based on sex or gender in public education institutions.

     This includes overseeing ongoing Title IX investigations and working with the university to provide resources for victims of sexual assault, dating, domestic violence and stalking on campus.

     Schrock agreed to participate in a question-and-answer session with The Bulletin. Her answers have been edited for space.

Q: Some students are unsure of what Title IX is. Are there any clarifications you want to make? 

A: One of the most common responses when I ask students what they know about Title IX is that it has something to do with gender equity in athletics. It encompasses that, but it’s so much broader. Basically, it includes students of all gender identities, including women, men, transgender and other non-binary individuals and (making sure they) have equal access to educational opportunities, which includes creating prevention programs aiming to stop incidents from occurring, as well as making sure to appropriately respond to the incidents that do happen.

Q: What is your personal connection to sex/gender based issues (if any)?

A: Like many of us, I’ve had close friends, family members and colleagues who have had difficult experiences within the systems that they’ve needed in a crisis, such as university administrative processes, judicial or criminal justice processes and healthcare systems. I know how complex these systems are, oftentimes making them confusing to navigate, especially after something traumatic or upsetting. Hearing about Continue reading “Title IX officer fights discrimination while advocating for inclusivity”

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