CSU protects students with sanctuary space

By Da’ Ron Frost Staff Writer With Donald Trump elected president, many undocumented citizens living in America fear being deported. But the California State University system stands behind its undocumented students, making the CSU system a “sanctuary space.” A sanctuary space protects undocumented students who attend a CSU and feel threatened by Trump’s victory. On… Read More CSU protects students with sanctuary space

Reiki’s ancient energy revitalizes weary minds

Editor in Chief Julissa James A“Reiki Meditation Workshop” took place Nov. 28 in the Loker Student Union, where a small group of students were taught the history of the ancient energy healing technique by certified Reiki Master Julianna Davis. Reiki is non-religious healing practice originating in Japan. In Reiki, energy from a higher power is… Read More Reiki’s ancient energy revitalizes weary minds

Academic Senate supports undocumented

By Sheena Hutchinson Staff Writer A resolution supporting undocumented students on campus in the face of the U.S. president-elect’s deportation plan passed 38-0 with one abstention  at the Academic Senate meeting on Nov. 30. Academic Sen. Charles E. Thomas mentioned that everyone must do their part and engage in the discussion of how to better… Read More Academic Senate supports undocumented