Students take on their vulnerable side

On April 29, Gerald Perlas was the first of 13 students to walk up to the lone microphone on the LSU Ballroom C stage. Perlas took the audience gathered in front of him into his most vulnerable state. He told his own personal story. This year was the fourth annual Hollywood by the Horns Story Slam. Every spring semester a group of students applies for … Continue reading Students take on their vulnerable side

CSUDH students hold World Press Freedom Day

By Jesse Garcia Staff Writer Photo Credit: Kyle Umeda World Press Freedom Day at California State University, Dominguez Hills is now behind us, and as the president of the Society of Independent Student Journalists, I can honestly say it was a success. The event, which was two semesters in the making, sought to bring professional insight from working journalists about world press freedom and the … Continue reading CSUDH students hold World Press Freedom Day

Til’ sex do us part?

By: Angelica Cheyenne and Patricia Franklin Staff Writer Disclaimer: Please remember that the staff at The Bulletin are NOT Sex Experts and ARE NOT Sexual Therapist, Psychologists, or anyone who is educated in that field. We offer researched responses and educated opinions regarding the topic of sex from the perspective of a peer. If you have advanced questions that require an expert’s opinion, please visit … Continue reading Til’ sex do us part?

ASI stages successful 2018 Spring Fling

By Francisco Padilla Staff Writer On April 27, California State University, Dominguez Hills held their annual Spring Fling Concert, hosted by Associated Student Inc., and this year it was very different. The concert included DJ performances from fellow CSUDH students Lenny Jones and Cameron Jackson, was headlined by Grammy award-winning rapper 2 Chainz. Spring Fling was hosted at the Pitch and Pale area in the … Continue reading ASI stages successful 2018 Spring Fling

Stacey’s (Fashion) Secrets: Graduation wear

By Stacey Lockett Staff Writer Stacey’s secrets are about secrets in fashion and styling tips. A fashionista who is a model that can make a simple outfit pop! My column is to help women and men shine even more through what they wear. This issue I will explain what to wear to graduation. Let us begin. With graduation being around the corner, some students are … Continue reading Stacey’s (Fashion) Secrets: Graduation wear

Level Up! Rest of the Year Round Up

By Beatriz Arreola Lifestyle Editor Welcome to Level Up!, a regular column in each CSUDH Bulletin about video games and video game culture from someone who spends every second of her free time hours deep into video games and watching eSports. We are only midway through the year and have already experienced amazing games being released. But, the best is yet to come. The rest … Continue reading Level Up! Rest of the Year Round Up

The Education Sex Doctor

By Angelica Cheyenne Staff Writer Controversy has always been synonymous with sexual education; due to the varying opinion regarding its necessity. Leading the conversation and contributing to it greatly, is California State University, Dominguez Hills’ biology professor Dr. Thomas Landefeld. As a biology professor at CSUDH, Dr. Landefeld has been instrumental in expanding sexual education for students by transforming how it is taught. From a … Continue reading The Education Sex Doctor